Things keep changing around here. DH still has medical issues that we have to deal with. Because of them we plan on moving sometime soon. This is going to get busy. We have to find a new home yet stay somewhere in the area, pack up our stuff, get rid of stuff, sell this house, and actually move. This is going to be a really busy time. DH won’t be as much help as I may hope, but we’ll find a way to do this.

But since I love to travel, and DH used to love to travel, I have booked us on an Alaska cruise. It will be a cruisetour. That means we will do both a cruise and a land tour. In our case we will be taking a 7 day cruise first then spending 4 days on a land tour. We are scheduled to begin in Vancouver and end up in Anchorage, with a couple days in Denali.

A friend has agreed to come with us. I’m paying for their trip, flights, excursions, and I’m helping them get clothing they may need. To be honest, I really hope they don’t back out on me. I could use their help. But just to be on the safe side, I will be getting travel insurance in case they can’t make it.

Now what kind of things could you need on a trip to Alaska? If you ever look at excursions for an Alaska trip you will note that most of them will tell you to bring hat, scarf, gloves, warm clothes, and clothes for rain. And of course, you need sturdy shoes. This is not the time for bringing just shorts, tank tops, and flip flops. If like us, you are going to Denali, you really do need to remember to bring some warm clothing. Rain proof jackets, polar fleece jackets, light weight hiking boots are made for this place. Yes, you might get by with shorts and flip flops but it smart to bring heavier clothing.

As for shoes you don’t need to bring heavy duty hiking boots unless you plan on doing heaving duty hiking. If you’re not back packing, bring something like a good heavy sneaker (not sure you want a slip on shoe here), something that covers your foot well, and gives you good traction for walking.

DH has good light weight hikers he wears on a daily basis, so I’m not worried about his footwear. Since I wear slip on shoes on a daily basis I will find good sneakers for this trip. We both have good jackets to handle the weather so I’m not worried about that. Overall, the only thing I probably have to get is some footwear.

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