As I write this, I will be moving to a new house in about 4 weeks. About 10-12 days after moving (the moving date is still being set) we leave for our Alaska cruise.

What makes this such a lousy way to plan a trip? Have you ever moved!! We will have to pack up our old house, get everything moved to the new house, try to unpack and find everything we need, and pack for our cruise.

I’ve begun packing our suitcases for the trip so that I have that taken care of. I figure if I miss something we’ll pick it up at a port.

Overall this may not be the best way to plan a trip, but I think with good planning we can make it work. At this point I have day clothes, evening clothes, shoes, essentials, and toiletries for DH packed. I’m still working on getting my own packed. I have most of what I need. With all that’s going on I need to get a low heeled shoe I can take. Preferably something I can wear with both dresses and pants. My knees and back have been stressed with the move so I don’t want to wear high heels on this trip. Plus it is Alaska, who wants to be too fancy in Alaska.

NOTE: The following info will probably be moved to a page and off the blog. I will link to the new page.

I’ve begun a Pinterest page for Alaska cruise packing. But some items are not quite what I’m actually taking. Some paging are not pining well, so I’ve pinned alternative items. But for the sake of understand I have begun a list.

For Me:


  • polar fleece type jacket, rain shell, scarf, possible hat or cap

Regular clothes:

  • jeans, spare pants (yoga, 2nd pair of jeans, chinos, etc.),
  • long/short sleeve tees, long sleeve shirt, layering turtle neck, pull over sweater, cardigan (day or night),
  • essentials – night clothes, undies, socks, etc.
  • walking shoes, dress shoes, possible other shoes
  • dress, evening pants, tops for evening,
  • OPTIONAL: shorts, flip flops, swim suit,

For DH:


  • polar fleece type jacket, rain shell, scarf, possible hat or cap

Regular clothes:

  • jeans, dress pants, chinos
  • short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts,
  • essentials – night clothes, undies, socks, belts, etc.
  • sneakers, dress shoes, boots (his favorite general shoe)
  • dress pants, sport coat evening, ties
  • OPTIONAL: shorts, flip flops, swim suit,

Looking at this list it might seem we have almost identical lists. You would be right. These lists are pretty generic. But then, they should be. I take polar fleece type jackets since I have quite a few. I can add a rain shell/trench/rain jacket over the fleece in case of rain. Knowing it can get cold I will bring a scarf (silk, wool, acrylic) and a cap just in case. The cap, of course is usable rain or shine.

As for clothes, pants can be jeans, leggings, chino, linen type, khakis, cargo, what-have-you. A mix of long sleeve and short sleeve tees and shirts can be layered as needed for warm or cool weather. Essentials are well, essentials; can’t do without undies, sleep wear of your choosing, etc. Shoes for both of us are kept to 3 pairs, and that means 2 pairs packed and one pair on your feet. Evening wear can be as simple or elaborate as you are comfortable. If you want to take your tux and formal dress, go for it. If men prefer a shirt/turtle neck/polo shirt and tie with khakis and a sport coat, that’s perfectly fine. Ladies do you prefer nice slacks, silky top with a moto jacket, or maybe you prefer a little blackĀ  (red maybe) dress with heels, its your choice.

The optional items need to make sense for what you plan to do. In Alaska I don’t tend to go swimming, so I don’t need a swimsuit. But if you plan on using the ship’s hot tub then bring one. That goes for flip flops and shorts. Do you think you’ll use them in Alaska? If so, bring them.

If you’re wondering about the brands I have pinned, bear in mind that I don’t necessarily own these actual items. Some of my pants are years old, as are my fleece, and other items. So I’ve picked things that represent what I would take. And they don’t have to be expensive. Jeans are jeans, whether you get them at Walmart, Target, Nordstrom, or Neiman Marcus. Buy what you can afford and will use. I get my Levis from Amazon because they regularly carry my size.

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