My Clothes for October 2013 trip

You’ll find most of the information about the actual suitcase, totes, toiletries and electronics I take on other pages, I’m just going to give you an idea of what I am taking on this trip. This is a short trip, an overnight stay in Boston then boarding a cruise ship up to Quebec City. Its a 7 day cruise. But since this trip is in October, 2013 I expect to need clothes for cool weather. I don’t expect to encounter many hot days. So I’ve changed my clothes accordingly.

The bags are: green-11.5″ x 16″ x 6.5″. This bag slips over the luggage handles of my check thru case. I will take a tote that is about the size of a Longchamp “Le Pliage” large tote. The blue small bag is an Eagle Creek packing cube 6-1/2″ x 3″ x 10″. This particular one is an old size/style. And the other item is a large zip lock style baggie – gallon size.

What I wear

I wear: panties, bra, t-shirt, comfy jeans, jacket, scarf, shoes and socks. The jeans would go well with any of the tops that are packed.

What I’m planning to take

Because the weather will be cooler, I’m taking more sweaters and a coat for rain, plus a polar fleece jacket for cold. I haven’t separated out what will go in the carry on case and what I will wear. I will probably wear the blue jeans, a long sleeve t shirt, the polar fleece and carry the rain jacket. I will also add bras, panties and socks for the trip but I didn’t take pictures of those.

My carry on will have at least the jammies, pashmina, one cardigan, one sweater, and one or two t shirts from this list. And of course the carry on will have bras, panties and socks. As you can see, with these items I could make it thru most of the cruise – maybe not the formal nights.

I will add some scarves and probably some sort of neck muffler too, just in case we encounter cold and wet. I will also add shoes to go with the evening clothes, some jewelry, maybe a shape wear top for under the evening wear. If my suitcase is not full enough after adding these items, I will throw in something to take up room in the suitcase.

Now for toiletries

These are toiletries I take: a comb (my hair is curly so no brush), cotton swabs, makeup remover wipes. a tooth brush, tweezers, dental floss, small mirror. The second picture shows: hair gel, hair conditioner (necessary for my curls), make up remover lotion, eye cream, face cream, comb (again), eye drops, tooth paste, tooth brush (again), dental floss (again). Some of this will end up in my 1 quart baggie for security check. Once I make it to the cruise ship, I reorganize so everything fits back into the cosmetic case.

I don’t take body soap and I don’t take shampoo. Those cruise ships usually have it and if you spend a night at a hotel, they usually have those little bottles for you to use.

All the makeup fits in the makeup bag, including the brushes as you can see. I have: cream foundation (BB cream), powder foundation (can be used just as a powder), blush, blush/bronzer, concealer, eye shadow palette, shimmer powder. The second picture is an alternative – palette with blush and two eye shadows. This could be used instead of the eye palette and the blush. If you don’t use much makeup, you can use this and eliminate the other blushes/bronzers, shimmers and eye shadow. The second set is a real minimum makeup alternative.

This is the security 1 quart baggie. It has the cream foundation, face cream, eye cream, tooth paste, hair gel, hair conditioner, makeup remover cream, sunscreen, eye drops and anything else that I think has to go in there. As you may guess, this means the cosmetic case and the makeup case are not packed tightly. I usually throw in 1-2 lipsticks too.

As you can see, this is pretty much what I take on all my trips. The bottles may change as I use something up, but basically its the same every time.