Packing for a longer trip

In June, 2013 I took a longer trip. I was actually gone for 5 weeks. So the clothes I took had to last me for 5 weeks thru a variety of climates. I cruised from Venice, Italy around Greece. Then spend a few day in Venice, and a few days in Florence. My companion flew home to the USA. I flew from Florence to Edinburgh, Scotland to meet up with my spouse. My spouse and I spent about a week in Scotland and the UK, before we joined a group in London. We took a couple of excursions in London over a couple of days, then joined another cruise. This time we left out of Harwick and cruised thru Norway before returning to London and then flying home.

So what changes do I make for a trip of this length? Well, I do make sure I have clothes for a variety of climates – wet and dry, hot and a bit cooler. The only major difference will be in terms of toiletries and medications. I have to have enough medication for this length of trip with me. Also, things like face moisturizer, makeup, hair care, those I need to have enough to make it thru the trip. I can pick up items on the trip if need be, so I don’t take too much. Sunscreen is great to pick up overseas. But since all my clothes can be washed, I don’t need to bring enough clean clothes to last me 5 weeks. I just have to plan to get things washed. That is why I make sure everything goes together, and more tops then bottoms. But the only real change for a trip of this length is to make sure I have enough consumable items – makeup, moisturizer, medications, etc.

The bag – I usually take a Tumi international case (it is what I have). It is within carry on limits – what I use is a 20″ case. Its not that it has to be a Tumi, its that it needs to fit international carry on limits. Even a small duffle bag would work.

The clothes – There are bras, undies, shapewear, socks, shoes, a black dress, 1-2 jackets for evening, pants then an assortment of tops for both day and evening.

Other items that might be worth taking: 2 silky tops to wear under the evening shirt/jackets, a swimsuit, pashmina or 2, perfume samples (better then taking a bottle), power cord, razors, plug adapter, other purses – a shoulder/tote and a cross body that lay flat.

Accessories – there are about 5 different necklaces and 2 good scarves and 3 fun scarves. I have a jewelry roll up travel case. Definitely a nicer way to carry jewelry then zip lock baggies. I actually don’t need to take that many necklaces. One or two necklaces would probably do me better.