NOTE: this is an old page. I will update it as soon as I can.

the empty bag empty carry on bag
add the blue Eagle Creek packing cube step 1
add the sweater/pants baggie step 2
add the make up bag, cosmetic case and security 1 qt baggie step 3
all that plus my 1 week meds (2 blue containers) and my mouth guard (purple container). and I still have room to spare. final step

As you can see, I have enough clothes for a weekend or pretty much for a week. There is still room in the carry on bag to add some items. I haven’t even put anything in the two outside pockets. I have enough room to add my ipad, a small camera, even a swim suit. So I could make this case work for a week worth of clothes if I needed to and I packed light. For instance, I could wear the cashmere and not wear or take the tan jacket. Or I could substitute a light weight jacket for either. I could take a skirt instead of the dress pants. If I took a skirt instead of spare pants, I would change the shoes I wear for something more suitable with a skirt.

One other note, all these items are washable. And yes you can hand wash cashmere in a sink in a pinch. For hand washing use shampoo as soap – make it plain shampoo, not color enhancing or any other such shampoo.

And this is just my carry on case. I will still take a 20″ suitcase that I will use as checked luggage. So between the carry on, the purse and the 20″ suitcase, I have more then enough room for clothes for a week, 10 days, two weeks or more.

Now for the check thru suitcase.