Other clothing ideas

Looking for ideas, take a look at my information on my Pinterest minimal wardrobe page.


Don’t like my shoe selection? How about other ideas. Don’t take too many shoes, they are heavy in your suitcase and they take up a lot of room. Even if you put stuff inside them before packing them, they take up a lot of room in your suitcase. Not into sneakers? Going to a city tour, maybe booties would be a better idea. How about wearing ballet flats, or slip on sneakers or clogs? If you spend a lot of time at the beach, sandals or flip flops may be a better choice. But try to keep it at two to three pairs of shoes. One casual or walking pair, one for evening, one sandal or other pair of shoes. For those women good with heels, they could use heels for evening and as a walking shoe.

For men shoes could be sneakers, slip on sneakers, and something for evening. Evening shoes could be as simple as a pair of loafers. And for some men, socks would not even be required with shoes.


If you don’t like my jacket there are other ideas. How about a canvas jacket (very casual), a classic denim jacket and a velour jacket (okay, maybe not the velour). Maybe a military style if that is your preference. If you prefer a more tailored look, go with a more tailored jacket. Just make sure it is something you will wear and can use for your trip. Business trips are different from family vacations, but a jacket can be useful in either. A jacket can be worn for casual dinner, to stay warm while wandering about, or just to keep the sun off you. So a jacket doesn’t have to be more than a shirt/jacket, or a loose shirt worn as a jacket.

For men the requirements are similar. Again a casual jacket made of cotton or microfiber could be used. For evening a sport coat would be fine. It could be traditional, leather, or even velvet. It doesn’t have to be what you think of as a traditional sport coat. But puffer and polar fleece jackets do not work for evening wear.


I tend to wear knit tees. This is true whether they are daytime tees or for evening wear. I do try to take one or two button front shirts. The reality for me is that knit tees, whether cotton, cashmere sweaters, or whatever fit best on me. The women type of top does not wear well on me. Where I enjoy those types of tops, they don’t suit my body well. If you can wear a woven fabric top, your options increase. Take and wear those tops that work well on your body.

For men short sleeve button down, polo style, and tee shirts are great on cruises. Some of the polo and button down styles are easily usable for day, evening, specialty restaurants, and sometimes evening too. Men have a pretty wide latitude.

Evening wear:

Evening wear for women is rather broad. I’ve seen work dresses, cocktail dresses, long gown, short dresses, pants and tops, suits – lots of options for women. I recall one woman wearing black pants, a white shirt, heels, and a mess of necklaces and she looked great. I’ve seen flats, sandals, four inch platform heels, and even clogs. Sneakers do not constitute evening wear, nor do Crocs.

For men you may want loafers or a leather type of shoe. Now having said that, I’ve seen leather slip on sneakers, usually in a dark color worn for evening. You don’t need a fussy formal traditional shoe for evening. This is true especially if your idea of formal wear is a leather jacket, polo shirt, and chino pants. With this outfit you could wear a loafer, or a leather slip on or sneaker type of shoe. Men do not have to wear a tie. I’ve seen men wear a mock turtle neck under a jacket (a nicer turtle in a knit fabric works), or wear a funky bow tie with a woven shirt or polo shirt for evening wear. You can be modern, traditional, funky, hip, trendy or whatever you want. I’ve even seen military uniforms and kilts worn for evening. Give something new a try.


I’m sure my clothes and most of the shoes seem a bit dated. They are. Remember this is what I pack because this is what I have. Since I began this site a lot of these items have changed. I’m sure some people will say, it hasn’t gotten any better. Unless you want to buy all new clothes for a trip (tempting) you will have to make do with what you have. Maybe you need to add a few items, but few people buy a whole new wardrobe just to take a trip. Also you may well be younger or older then I am, and therefore your clothes may be more trendy, youthful, or just different. I don’t propose that you take exactly what I do. I would love to find a bright red or deep blue dress for evenings, but unfortunately I just haven’t found it yet. I do enjoy buying or borrowing a few new items (if possible), just for the fun of it for a trip – especially if you are going someplace with a different climate and you don’t have suitable clothes. Don’t forget wherever you go there will be places to purchase items. You can always pick up a tee shirt  or something from wherever you visit.

But remember, the goal is to have fun. Don’t worry about having a new outfit for each day. You probably are not going to see most of these people again. And change what I have listed for what suits you and where you are going. I don’t wear a lot of swimsuits but I don’t sit in the sun, and most of my vacations involve seeing sites – museums, historical places, etc. For that, I don’t need many swimsuits. If your idea of vacation is sitting in the sun, take more items appropriate for that. The items shown are just what I use and what are suitable for my vacations. Change it up to suit your needs.

One other note: if you don’t eat in the main dining room, and just eat in the buffet area, you may not need to worry about the formal wear clothes so much. The buffet area is much more casual. Just remember that even the buffet area will usually say swim suits must be covered. So that cover up will be needed even on the ship.

Remember, have fun. That’s what vacation is for!