You might I take a lot of stuff in my carry on case. Well, this is how it all comes together. To get an idea take a look at my Pinterest page labeled minimal wardrobe.

What I wear on the plane

This is what I wear: bra, undies, tee shirt, jeans, jacket, scarf, and the shoes. These are casual clothes, but not casual grungy clothes. And they are comfortable. Jeans may be slacks or even everyday yoga type pants. The jacket could be something like a jeans jacket, a polar fleece, a sweater jacket or something comfy and possibly warm. The scarf could be a light weight silk, cotton, synthetic, or for those of us who get cold wool or cashmere. Shoes could be clogs, sneakers, heels if you are comfortable with them, or even booties or boots. Remember the plane may be cool or cold (wear a warm jacket and scarf), and you have to go thru security (tall boots may be more difficult going thru security). But that doesn’t mean you can’t coordinate what you wear. For example – black jeans or yoga pants, white cashmere tee (or cotton), colored jean jacket, scarf of your choice, and colored skater sneakers would be a easy to travel in outfit. Don’t forget the sun glasses.

The carry on case:

bra, undies, socks, jammies, cashmere sweater, spare pants in a packing cube.

1 quart baggie for security with toiletries – toothpaste, shampoo, etc.

camera and accessories, electronics – cell phone, kindle/iPad, charging cords, etc.

toiletry bag – tooth brush, comb, etc.

You may also want to add personal items – water bottle, books, cap, eye shades, munchies, etc.