I really, really, really needed that break. Its amazing what you can realize on a good vacation. I took a minimum of clothes, as in I actually used everything I took. And I didn’t take much. One t-shirt for each day, one nice (relatively) shirt and pants set, one dress, one pair of sandal/heels (for the dress and nice set), one pair of slip on sandals, one spare pair of pants (light linen type), one light shirt jacket, and one jammie set. I did take make up and I didn’t really need it. I left on Wednesday and returned on Sunday. So I didn’t really need much.

For ease I wore a t-shirt, jeans, slides, and a twill jacket. Since there was a temperature difference from where I left to where I was going, I wore heavier clothes than I ever used on the trip. Sometimes that makes the most sense.

One thing of note, the airport in TCI, Providenciales, is a small airport. There are a couple of places to eat at the airport, but be aware that the places don’t serve much – hot dogs, grilled cheese sandwich, conch, drinks, etc. There are a couple of snack places, and I do mean snack – candy, sodas, chips, etc. There’s not really a lot of shops at the airport. There are a couple shops that sell alcohol at the airport.

The airport itself is a small two story building. It even has seating outside, in a kind of covered area where you can watch the planes take off and land. The airport is small enough that you use stairs to get on and off the planes. No walking down ramps to board or deplane. So be prepared to carry that carry on luggage off the plane. Just something to be aware of.

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