Due to life fun and games, I decided to take a short trip. For those of you checking out this blog, you may have noticed I took a trip to Paris in August. Well, that didn’t work out so well. I left, then the day after getting in Paris, DH landed in the hospital so I had to return very early. Instead of 10 full days in Paris, I got 3. I made good use of those three days, but it wasn’t enough.

My “new” short trip will be to TCI (Turks and Caicos Islands). For grins I booked the hotel and flight using Expedia. Normally I book them on my own, but this time I decided to try Expedia. I found one of their packages. Now, what makes using their package different than doing it yourself? They book it for you, you choose the hotel and the flights available from their options. One thing, make sure you print out or keep a copy of the entire reservation. The one reservation will give you all your information-flight and hotel. They say you don’t have to contact them to confirm your reservations.

One concern is that the Expedia confirmation email does not have the flight confirmation number you normally expect to find. It does say that the Expedia confirmation email can be used as an E-Ticket. If you dig a bit deeper, click on the Expedia itinerary number you seem to find a page that you can print that does give you the airline confirmation number you expect. Personally, I’m printing that info and sending it to myself, just a precaution.

Anyway, for this short trip, I leave on a Wednesday and return on Sunday, I plan to take the absolute minimum of items. Also since Expedia gave us the cheapest tickets, checked bags will cost, and the paperwork says we will be the last group to board. Now if you are the last to board you may or may not have room to take a carry on. Be aware of that.

That being said, I am taking less. No makeup this time – who wants to wear makeup on the beach! Only one dress/evening attire and pretty casual at that. One pair of sandals/heels to go with the dress or wear on the beach (not really heels). I plan to wear jeans, slip on shoes, tee, and some light jacket (usable on the trip). So I will take 2 swim suits, one pair of light weight pants, and tee shirts as my clothing. Jewelry will be kept to a minimum, and my purse will be small too. I plan to use my cell phone for its camera, so no other camera coming with me.

In truth, I’m not sure which suitcase I’ve got that is small enough for this. My carry on might be too large, but might be my only option. I may have to pack something else in it just to take up room. We’ll see. But I need this trip for my sanity and peace of mind.

Hopefully I can take some pictures and post them from TCI.  I’m so looking forward to getting away.


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