One thing of interest I learned going to TCI (Turks and Caicos Islands) in late October and early November, was that this time seems to be its shoulder season. What is the shoulder season? The busy season, when most people visit is in the summer time. The second busy season is the holiday season. So the summer season, which is mainly the summer time, think when school is out, is a very busy vacation time in TCI. But they also seem to have a busy time during the holiday time, think Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year time. This would be time when it is often cool or cold in the northern area. When people want to visit warmer weather.

So when school begins, anytime from mid-September thru early November, before the holiday season, is the shoulder season. Its the time between the busy seasons. During this time there are less people in TCI, so you might find deals for visiting the area. Might, not a guarantee. You have to remember that everything is expensive in TCI.  Most everyone I spoke with says everything is either shipped or flown to the islands, meaning items are expensive.

But one nice thing is least some, including the place I stayed, seem to be “resort” rooms. My room, a studio had a bed, couch, table, balcony (with chairs and table), refrigerator, microwave, plates, silverware, glasses, bathroom, and a stacked washer and dryer. From what I could see, some of the larger units (full bedroom units, two bedroom units), had small stoves. So these are more like small apartments than hotel rooms. That also means that you could purchase groceries at the local grocery store. You would be able to make maybe breakfast and lunch rather than eat out every meal. This could be helpful at least cost wise.

Would I go again? Yes. It is beautiful. Even when we got rain, it was 15-20 minutes in the morning, then the skies cleared up and it was blue skies the rest of the time. When we ate out, the food was expensive, but well worth it (you’ve got to try CocoVan and Caribbean Elements!).

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