As luck would have it, we move into a new house the end of May, just after Memorial Day, then leave less than two weeks later for our Alaska cruise.

How will I do this? Well, here’s my choice. While we have to pack up in order to move, I’ve begun packing our suitcases for the cruise. Since I don’t really live a minimalist, capsule wardrobe life, I have spare clothes I wear but can do without for a short time. So I have jeans, slacks, dress, tops, sweaters, jackets all put into hanging storage bags (cheap bags, just something to keep everything together, dry cleaning bags or even just put them aside someplace would work). I’ve done this for both DH and myself.

I’ve also begun putting spare toiletries together for both of us. Not everything, but stuff I find that is easy to pack, toothbrush, toothpaste, razors, shaver, combs, etc. I’ve also put camera accessories, chargers and media cards together. Some stuff is hanging in bags, some stuff is sitting in the suitcases (shoes are in the suitcases already).

You may wonder why bother with this now. Well here’s the reason why. If all goes well, we will have movers moving everything, they will get the contents moved just after Memorial Day. But we’ll still need to unpack everything, put it all away, get used to the house and where things are, wait for the new items to arrive, get all the utilities changed over, and then try to pack for a trip. Will you know where that shirt got put? Will you be able to find all your shoes for the trip? Where did you put that camera and its accessories? Well, that’s the point. With essentially less than 10 days to move in, find everything, pack the suitcases, and get out for a trip with some degree of organization – well, I’m not sure I will make it. I decided start now. I can afford to put these spare clothes aside for the trip.

There will be last minute items I need to pack. Underwear is not in the suitcases. But as we get closer, I may pack at least a partial week into the suitcases.

The other nice thing about doing this early packing is that if I need clean clothes, we’ll have some. Since this is an Alaska cruise, its not a lot of fancy things we are packing. Yes I have a suit jacket, shirt, tie, slacks for DH packed. And I have slacks, shoes, top, jacket for dinners for me packed. But most of what we will take will be jeans, tees, shirts, polar fleece, rain shells/jackets, clothing for Alaska. I can easily pack these items and not be concerned about needing them between now and then. But if the unpacking goes slowly, I will have clean clothes in the suitcases I could use. I would just have to get them laundered before we leave on the trip. I can do that. I’ll have a washer and dryer at the new house.

Will things be forgotten? Probably. But we will spend a night at our departure port before leaving. If I find we need something, we can always pick it up then.  And of course we will be cruising Alaska. I can pick up stuff if necessary at any port. I’m sure we’ll be fine. The only things I can’t forget would be necessities (prescriptions, eye glasses), things I can’t easily replace. But other than those items, I could pick up whatever we forget somewhere along the way.

We can do this!

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