We have less than two weeks until we leave on our next trip. We’ve begun pulling our clothes for the trip. The easiest way I find to do this is to set up a kind of capsule wardrobe. One way to think of this is to figure where you’re going, what kind of clothes you need, and what you plan to do.

For example, we are going from cold weather to warm weather. We will actually be gone for about two weeks. Since it will be warm weather, I still plan on one week worth of clothes. For my spouse it will be one pair of jeans (he will wear), two pairs of chinos (one as a jeans alternative and one for “formal” wear), short sleeve shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts (for evening and formal), sports coat, rain jacket, and swim trunks. Then of course the essentials such as undies, t shirts, socks, sleepwear, toiletries, and electronics. Since my spouse doesn’t wear shorts often, I won’t bother with those.

For myself, I’ll take jeans (I’ll wear), “linen” type pants, tee shirts, a jacket for day, sweater/cashmere, clothes for evening – pants, tops, jacket, dress, rain jacket, and swim suit. I’ll also take appropriate essentials for myself.

I will make sure there is at least one change of clothes for both of us in our carry on case. Everything else will go into our check thru luggage. I’ll only take really one week with of clothes, swim suits, and formal wear. The rain jackets are because we might run into rain and I prefer to be prepared. And the jackets we have are light weight shells, with no warmth. I think they will be fine for warm weather rain. If you’re wondering why bother with rain shells in warm weather, it may be warm when it rains but once you go inside the ship it is likely to be cool. I would rather not get wet then get cold. That’s also why the spare pants. I expect if it rains and we are on shore, I will get wet, go back on board the ship and get cold if I don’t have something to change into. Since I’ve been at some of these ports before, I know some of them are known for that warm rain. But I also know that the ships tend to be air conditioned. That can make for a cold return.

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