With my spouse having health issues, going on trips has become a whole new endeavor. I’ve got to start planning earlier, start packing earlier, and take less stuff.

It used to be we each took our own suitcase and carry on, but now we take one larger suitcase (with clothes for both of us), and just one joint carry on. The other carry on items are personal items. The carry on will include just enough emergency clothes for both of us. The personal items will carry our electronics, medications, etc. With all the changes in what is allowed we will not take laptops with us unless absolutely necessary.

Another thing that will begin happening is I will take our Global Entry cards. Since there are changes in what identification is accepted, not all drivers licenses are usable, I have asked and been told that the Global Entry cards are a great alternative. I’ll still take drivers licenses, and on international trips our passports. But we did a small trip that took us thru Vancouver Canada. While going thru security there was a separate line available for those holding Global Entry cards. I happened to have mine with me and we were able to go thru that line. Learning, this I will keep my Global Entry card with me for ID and for international security lines. A good thing to know.

Granted all this is subject to change as laws and regulations change, but that’s the way it is nowadays. You just have to learn how to deal with it.

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